Bonfire Night (flash fiction)

Fred has lit the bonfire. But fire is danger! Fire can kill! I don’t want that sparkler, it’s burny! I’m so scared, I want to run away. Fred is laughing: it’s OK as long as you’re careful. A soldier has to deal with worse than this, be brave. This fire is much bigger than me. I don’t like it one bit. Fred’s giving me a marshmallow on a stick, he says if I hold it over the fire it’ll become a smore. The fire is looking at me with mischief. I’m still scared, but I need to know what a smore is! So here goes, bit by bit, the stick’s going into the fire. I hope I don’t die! The mallow’s toasting in the flames, melting a little bit. I take it out, and it’s burnt-looking. Ouch! It’s a bit too hot on my teeth at first but Fred smiles: keep going. The crispy burnt shell of the mallow snaps as I bite into it. And then it goes all soft and melty and yummy and moreish. Now I know why it’s called a smore! Fire isn’t so bad after all. I just need to be careful, like Fred. The fire’s smiling at me. I smile back. My big brother laughs warmly and puts his arm round me. I do so love it when he comes home.


(c) Prose: Jen Hughes
(c) Image: Sophie McNicol


One thought on “Bonfire Night (flash fiction)

  1. This was the first of three flash fictions I submitted to a university, in 2014 when I wanted to study Creative Writing in England. It was this collection was what started me writing flash fictions in the first place. The task set to me was to write three short paragraphs about looking into a fire from three different perspectives: a child’s, a homeless person’s and an executive’s. This was the child’s perspective. Happy reading!


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