Who am I?

I am Jen Hughes. I am a young writer from Ayrshire, who has been writing stories and poems from as early as the age of 7. Now I am slowly but surely putting my work onto the internet. I have a bad habit of having  an unrealistic number of creative projects going at any given time but this is merely a combination of a crazy work ethic inherited from her mother and grandfather and an overactive imagination that has gave me a misdiagnosis of severe autism at the age of 2.

It is my life’s struggle and purpose to make something of this beast. I’ve had some small successes with GMAC, where I learned how to write professional standard film scripts and the film-making craft. I made twoshort films with them,“Ink” (2012)  and “Solstice” (2013) and a reimagination of a scene from Gregory’s Girl.

I also read out my poems and stories at open mike nights and storytelling events in my area, and sometimes sing cover songs as part of the deal. I also write the odd fan fiction on my Archive of Our Own account.  It’s a rather modest selection at the moment, but over time it will slowly but surely build up.

I’ve been published on various online journals including Seakay’s Guide To Storytelling, Minus Paper, Paragraph Planet and Pulp Metal Magazine.

How did I come to write a blog?

A boyfriend at the time suggested that I write a blog in 2014. It was a good idea, but at the time it wasn’t realistic. I kept putting it off due to exam stress, folio and college deadlines. It still sat there though, a dormant seed waiting for the right time to grow.

Then, on the 23rd July 2016, I finally pulled the finger out and set this little page up. I try to post at least once weekly, but life and work might get in the way sometimes! I post my flash fictions, poetry and short stories. I don’t usually post blog posts but sometimes I feel the need to talk sh*te and keep the world updated with larger projects. Like at the moment I’m writing my first novel and working on two serials (Solidarity and a Harry Potter spoof), I’ll want to talk about how I’m doing sometimes.



I write about a variety of different topics and characters, but it’s usually a bit mad. Aren’t all the best people a little mad though?


Anyway, I won’t keep you. Happy reading!