Fan Fiction

I don’t usually write fan fiction, but when I do, I put it on Archive of Our Own. My friend Alex put me onto it after I was looking for a new way to share my writing to the world.

It’s a modest selection, and it’s usually only flash fictions but I’ve got a bigger piece brewing. Watch this space!

For those who aren’t avid fan fiction readers and authors or users of this website, you can access them strings-free by clicking the links here:

The Encyclopedia and the Ensign- Star Trek Next Generation, Flash Fiction. A young female ensign plucks up the courage to talk to Lieutenant Commander Data, who she’s been infatuated with for some time.

Cemetary TaleBuffy the Vampire Slayer, Poem. A narrative poem capturing the young slayer in action.

The Other Ghost (flash fiction/parody)- Ghost (1990 film), Flash Fiction. A spoof of the iconic film, which begs the question: who was the real ghost in that house?

Don’t You Know Who I Am?– Superman (DC Comics), flash fiction. A bittersweet tale of Clark Kent in his senior years.

The Abzorballoff’s Wife– Doctor Who (2006 reboot). The Abzorballoff was a monster in the standalone episode “Love and Monsters”. Instead of eating people, he ‘absorbs’ them. He absorbed most of the nice human characters who met through trying to find the Doctor. He was such an ass. But what of his life on home planet, Klom? So little is told of that. So here comes his wife to shed a little light on the situation.