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I’ve been writing flash fictions since about 2012/2013. It started when I was to asked as part of a university application to write about three different characters who were looking into a fire- a child, a homeless person and an executive, each one in 250 words. It won me an unconditional offer. I sadly didn’t take the offer, as it wasn’t the right thing for me at the time, but it improved my writing to no end. And the set was published on Jotters United Issue 25!

More of my homegrown, organic,  drabbles can be found arranged in alphabetical order on my website here

My flash fiction ‘Philosophy’ has been published in Hull based zine, Idle Ink (Issue 2) in September 2017. You can buy a copy, which includes my poem ‘Showbiz Mother’ as well as some other great poems and stories, by clicking the link here.

Other places have published my flash fiction and drabbles too, such as:

MinusPaper- (These are all memoirs, from different points in my life.)

Love Letter was written about a high school unrequited love.

 Nightclubbing was written while on a nightclub in New Zealand. The company was good, though the bar? Well you can read that for yourself.

  Still Life was written during my final year in school, at the one and only time I attempted to fit in with the other sixth years.


Pulp Metal Magazine- 

Born This WayA teenage boy is at a loss as to what his life’s purpose is. Then, while out hunting rabbits with his uncle, he has a disturbing revelation…


My 75 word stories First Violinist (November  29th) and Feline Endurance (April 9th)
as well as an excerpt from my upcoming serial (October 26th) published on Paragraph Planet.


Check out my homegrown drabbles here.