Flashes and Drabbles on the Website

Here are all the original flash fiction pieces on the website to date. I added some clickbait summaries to spice things up a little. Happy reading!

Agony- A melodramatic yet relatable tale of pain.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words- In this world, it’s not money but words that make the world go round. The narrator has to be highly persuasive in order to buy his mother’s portrait from a renowned artist.

Bonfire Night (flash fiction)– A child and her brother spend some quality time together on Guy Fawkes Night. This was also published as part of a set in Jotters United!

Braineater- Told from the perspective of a zombie trying to find their place in the new world her kind have created.

The Girl Who Lines- Ettie has a fascination for drawing lines, and has built up quite a collection of them. Her carer doesn’t quite understand this, though she tries. It’s the first story I’ve written in second person and may not be the last.

Gladiators Ready!- It’s life or death competing in the Lazerdome!

Ink Prelude– A writer tells us about the inner workings of his mind. It is a dark and scary place! Based upon a film I made with the summer school at the Glasgow Media Access Centre (GMAC) in 2012.

Intruder– Something is niggling at our narrator, but he’s not going to take it anymore!

Lancelot– Gwen and Sean have hit it off. He’s a handsome fireman and she’s stoked to have him in her bed for the night. However, in the morning after, their budding romance encounters a problem.

Love Is Dead Originally published on Seakay’s Guide to Storytelling, which like the love this mortician has for his wife, is dead.

Magic’s Price- Dad is a wizard and he’s pretty cool. He’s going to make our young narrator’s birthday the greatest thing ever! Unfortunately, this magic has an awful price…

Mugged– Nobody really likes a Secret Santa. On the way home from her work’s night out, a twist of fate sets to solve a problem!

Oot– In this Glaswegian-ish piece, it’s just a nice night oot for Molly and Tammy as they hit the pubs and clubs. But Molly has an encounter which shakes up everything she ever knew about herself…

The Other Ghost- Told from the perspective of the real ghost who haunted Demi Moore in the film Ghost (1990), as opposed to Patrick Swayze who, according to our narrator, wasn’t really there. 

Pigs in Blankets– A warped children’s story, that I relish reading aloud. Percy Pig has an unsettling tale read to him by his mother.

Pirates- He’s the king of the high seas, and he’s looking for his treasure. But does his prisoner really know anything about it?

RapunzelThis princess is so bored she’s brain-dead! A warped and gruesome fairytale I relish reading aloud.

Sermon– We can all relate to this tale of an awful Christmas church service!