I’ve been writing poetry from an early age.

My first poem I ever wrote was Ode To A Snail, which is (as the title suggests) about the greatness of the humble snail. It’s obviously been tweaked fairly heavily, as the first version of it was written when I was seven.

‘Showbiz Mother’ has been published in Hull based zine, Idle Ink (Issue 2) in September 2017. You can buy a copy, which includes my flash fiction ‘Philosophy’ as well as some other great poems and stories, by clicking the link here.

‘Affirmation” has been published in a physical copy of Glasgow University Magazine’s 2017 issue ‘Zeitgeist’. It can be found all over University of Glasgow campus for free.

I usually prefer to read my poetry out at events but every now and then, I send it to publications or post it on the website.

Black Friday is about the day after Thanksgiving, which is for some bizarre reason observed in the UK. It was worth writing a poem about. It was published on Minus Paper and has some photography by Kevin Main.

Cemetary Tale– A narrative fan-poem based on the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was originally on Seakay’s Guide To Storytelling for October’s ‘superheroes’ theme, but I reclaimed it for the website not long after I left.

In Praise of Wickedness– On the website! A wicked witch implores the reader- why would you really want to be the pretty perfect princess, when you can be a wicked bitch?

Is Love A Violent Feeling? is about the darker, more vulnerable side of love that people tend not to write about. This was also published on Minus Paper and has some original artwork by Sophie McNicol.

Metal Hell is a comic piece about the trials and tribulations of braces, and was published on the Winter 2016 issue of Oletangy Review. (p29)

Remembering The Golden Days is a heartfelt poem inspired by the death of my Nana. It was also published on the Winter 2016 of Oletangy Review (p30)

Self Aware?– I have attempted to summarise myself in ten lines, for my debut on Seakay’s Guide To Storytelling. Have I succeeded? You’ll only find out by reading it!

Tae A Fermer- Inspired by my country’s national poet, Robert Burns, this poem retells his famous poem ‘Tae A Mouse’ from the point of view of the mouse. Published by the Ogilvie Review.

The Lost Princess- One of my very first narrative poems. It tells the tragic story of a princess who is held captive by an unnamed man, as a bargaining chip for her father’s diplomatic negotiations. She comes to fall in love with this seemingly unlovable man but does this princess get a happily ever after? This was published on the Ginger Collect.

This Gives Me Closure is my first prose poem was published on Inventives Magazine (formerly Tajdeed Annual Literary Magazine). It is overcoming the hurt caused by a broken (and very brief) love affair.

Valuables is a simple poem about the importance of human relationships over possessions. There’s more to life than things! Published on Ariel Chart, with the most random, unrelated yet beautiful accompanying picture.