Short Stories

I don’t publish short stories often, as it takes me a little bit longer to craft them. But when I do, I like to think they’re well-crafted.

About A Girl- Sara is delighted when she makes friends with Bryn and his cronies. But these boys are not as great or as kind or as loyal as she first thought… Published on the McStorytellers.

Dandelions and Daisies- When their first lodger Erin Dandy moves in, Blossom and Phineas’s happy relationship is set to change. For better, or for worse? Possibly NSFW. This story was published on MinusPaper. This is my longest short story I’ve written to date at 3,000 words.

Doll- All she wants is to sing, and spend the rest of her life with her musician boyfriend Luke. But will she ever be anything more than just his Doll? This is another one published by MinusPaper, with illustration by Sunshine Herbert.

The Poetry Night- Published on Gaelstrom (p4)– A memoir piece inspired by the first time I read out my poems at a storytelling event Tchai Ovna, Glasgow. It’s a great place I still go to this day. Check out their website here.

Purgatory- Young Bryn learns a bittersweet lesson during his lunchtime detention. Published on the McStorytellers.

Requiem- Published on Pulp Metal Magazine, as well as Gaelstrom (p22). Originally inspired by a creepy flash fiction, it took a life of its own. Magda faces her fear by attending the funeral of her music teacher, Christopher Matthews. But the trauma she experienced comes back to haunt her- quite literally…

The End- A scifi comedy. It’s the apocalypse- the world and society is crumbling in a great storm. Yet Jay is surprisingly unaffected. The title is an homage to Red Dwarf and IT Crowd, as this story is the first original piece I published on the website.

The Writer’s Mind– A memoir piece I wrote for my final year, which gives some insight into some of my undeveloped ideas, stories I wrote when I was younger and a really bad bout of writer’s block. It was supposed to act as a farewell-and-F*** you to the SQA but it’s not worked out that way in the end.