Talking Crap

I’d call this section Memoir, Reviews or even The Blog. But really all it is is talking crap. Although isn’t that in essence, blogging really is? Isn’t that what life itself really is? What even is blogging if not this? Give me your opinions in the contact form under the heading: “Blogging Philosophical Debate”.

In the past, I’ve used this medium as a way to apologize for not having content on the website or to keep people up to date about longer projects like NaNoWriMo. Now, I’ve caught the blogging bug, and I’m a regular contributor to Outlet Publishing’s Diary of a Young Writer. 

I’m building a little collection of these little snippets of my life. I’ve also contributed a review of The Hobbit to Polaris Compass and I’m working on my first music review.

If you give a rat’s ass, then feel free to look through them!

Also send me in your memes, because I’m ill still a bit chesty and coughing up flem every now and then and memes are my only medicine now.


My First Collaboration and What I’ve Learned From It (October @ Outlet Publishing)

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11 Life Lessons From My Thirteen Year Old Self

Down With The Sickness

Entering NaNoWriMo/Starting the Dormant Queen

Featured image: A little display thing I laminated back when I was a school assistant. I thought considering they were little thought bubbles that it was a good choice.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t claim credit for these memes or the featured image, they are too good to be mine. Don’t sue me, K?