Any-Old-Nonsense Talking

I’d call this section Memoir, Reviews or even The Blog. I once called it “talking crap”, but that has implications that I don’t mean what I say. It’s just nonsense about my life and opinions, really. Although isn’t that in essence, blogging really is? Talking any old crap? Isn’t that what life itself really is? What even is blogging if not this? Give me your opinions in the contact form under the heading: “Blogging Philosophical Debate”.

In the past, I’ve used this medium as a way to apologize for not having content on the website or to keep people up to date about longer projects like NaNoWriMo. Now, I’ve caught the blogging bug, and I’m a regular contributor to Outlet Publishing’s Diary of a Young Writer. (if you click the link, you can see all of my contributions to date).

If you’re interested in my little reviews and blog posts, they’re all here:

Book review: The Hobbit for Polaris.

Event review: Poetry @ Inn Deep for Glasgow University Magazine

Music review: Odd Beasts by The Menagerie for Glasgow University Magazine


Blog posts on DearOctopus: One Year Of Dear Octopus Writing

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Down With The Sickness

Featured image: Display things for a classroom, back when I was a school assistant. They were designed by Twinkl, I just laminated them, so I can’t claim ownership or anything.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t claim credit for these memes or the featured image, they are too good to be mine. Don’t sue me, K?